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The conviction related to the process of learning for the individual should be so strong that the learner should be in a continuous quest for new modes and methods of learning, because in time such as now, amid the mayhem of health and economic situations a learner may feel emotionally as well as intellectually down. But for an enthusiastic learner , however obscure the circumstances might seem, he or she will always seek for the brighter side of the situation and would try to make the best of it and achieve unbelievable heights when the present situation fades, as the saying goes well enough “Every cloud has a silver lining”. We, therefore, in situation such as this , extend our hand towards those learners to start up and motivate them to reach their assumed goals. Keeping safe distance from all external threats, taking the help of technological aids, what ever available, our foremost duty remains to render excellent services which a hospitable institution such like ours would provides .

Dr.(Mrs) Deepa Nag,



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News & Events

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anti ragging

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Womens Grievance

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Rules & Regulations

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Welcome to Our College

[shout][highlight background_color=”transparent” color=”rgba(0,0,0,1)”]Stewart Science College, Cuttack is a  co-educational Science College   situated on a wide area of 3.5 acres towards the North-West side of the State Capital. It has a beautiful infrastructure. The Diocese of Cuttack, Church of North India, administers the College through a local Managing Committee.[/highlight][/shout] [spacer size=”30px”]

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For Payment

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Stewart science (Junior) +2

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Stewart science (Degree) +3

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Our Achivements

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