Mrs. Rita Das

Mrs. Rita Das


General Information:

The Library is open from 10-30 A.M. to 4 P.M. on all days except on Sundays and authorized holidays.

Rules for Borrowers or Books

  • No book should be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the Librarian and until it has been properly entered in the loan register and the entry attested by the borrower.
  • Each borrower must examine the condition of the book before it is issued otherwise, in case of any mutilation discovered later, the presumption will be against the borrower.
  • Book should be returned the period allowed to a borrower.
  • When the date for the return of a book falls on an authorized holiday, it should be returned to the library on the day the college opens after the Holiday.
  • All books belonging to the library and in the possession of borrower should be returned to the library before the College closes for the Summer Vacation on or before the date notified for the purpose.
  • Whoever might have a library book in his possession should return it to the library whenever he receives a requisition notice for the return of the book from the librarian.
  • No marginal or other notes or marking shall be made in the library books nor shall any pictures or pages be removed or torn or otherwise disfigured. In extreme case the borrower shall be asked to replace the books damaged by him.
  • A borrower against whom any overdue or other charge is outstanding, shall not be allowed to borrow books from the library and anyone who has got a library deposit shall not be allowed to withdraw his deposit until the library dues are cleared.
  • All those who may happen to be inside the library or in its are expected to observe strict vicinity silence.
  • Library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading or consulting books and periodicals of the library.
  • Spitting, smoking, sleeping inside the library are strictly forbidden.
  • The following is the list showing the maximum the number of books that may be issued to the various classes of borrower.Members of the Teaching Staff
    Ministerial Staff
    Laboratory Assistance / Demonstrations
    Honors Students
    The Principal, if he so desires, may make special provisions for the teaching staff and the students.
  • A book once issued may be re-issued to the borrower only when no body else want that book. Books for re-issue must be returned to the library for the relevant entries in the register.
  • Permission of the lectures of the different subjects is required for borrowing text-books. Reference books are not to be taken hame without the permission of the lecturers-in-charge of the library.
  • Periodicals are not to be taken into the classes, nor can they be taken home expect with special permission of the lecturer-in-charge of the library
  • Time allowed to borrower (expect the members of staff) is 15 days.
  • If any book is lost, the price of the lost book shall be collected from the borrower, if he/she is unable to replace the book.
  • Students who do not return the book within the time allowed, will be fined Re. 1/- per book for each extra day of delay. Student taking the periodical to the class will be fined Rs. 3/- per day.
  • Students borrowing books from the library should be that the library card is properly completed. They should also present the cards while returning books.
  • If a student loses his card, another card will be issued to him on application and payment of Rs. 5.00.
  • Persons using the library are supposed to have read the library rules and are strictly abide by them. Ignorance of the library rules will be no excuse for the breach of any rule.
  • members of the Teaching staff are expected to use their influence to promote observance of these rules whenever they are in the library and report to this Principal cases of deliberate disobedience and misbehavior. All talking expect what is absolutely necessary for the transaction of the library business is forbidden inside the library.

Rules of College Lending Library

  • The books purchased on this head with the financial assistance of the University Grants Commission will be available to poor and meritorious students on long term lending basis and will be kept separately under the head “Text Book Library”.
  • For this purpose the annual income of the father or guardian of the student must not exceed Rs. 6,000 (Rupees six Thousand).
  • A student, belonging to the above category will be entitled to receive books from the Text Book Library in deposition of special caution money to the extent of 25% of the face value of the books, which will be refunded to the student, when the books will be returned, after making deductions for damage etc.
  • Apart from depositing 25% of the price of the book the students should deposit the remaining 75% of the price as caution money just after their text examination or as an alternative they should give surely of one responsible member of the staff from whom the price will be recovered and when the student fails to return the book within one session.
  • Books will be issued to a student on a long term basis.
  • Books meant for Honours students will be issued only to such a student and those meant fro B. Sc. (pass) or +2 Students will be issued to the students studying in these classes respectively.
  • These rules are subject a addition, alternation and amendment by the Principal.
  • There is an Athletic Society for conducting the games and sports of the College. The society consists of the Principal as the Ex-officio President, a member of the teaching staff to act as a Vice-President two or more members of staff as members, two students to be elected by the students as the Secretary, Assistant Secretary and one representative of each section of each class of the College.
  • Separate register for the issue of books from the Test Book. Library will be maintained and books will be issued to deserving students according to the following quota.
         B.Sc. (Honours)   Up to Five Books
         B.Sc. (pass)   Up to Three Books
         +2 Sc.   Three books