Learning is a spontaneous process, undoubtedly a healthy one. It is an ongoing process that starts from the mother’s womb and ends at the grave.

Dr.(Mrs) Deepa NagPrincipal

But, the formal learning that happens in the academia, is a vital phase in a man’s endeavor towards the acquisition of knowledge. The academia, undoubtedly opens up new frontiers and challenger to be achieved, before a learner. But the real learning is something that is beautiful and that, which cannot be just confined to the classroom space. Learning, or to be more exquisite, the process of gaining knowledge may also happen through the experiences of the day to day happenings. Despite of this fact, classroom teaching is vital and crucial for every individual, as it helps to extricate conceptual and categorical learning and also prepares the learner to face life.

The whole gamut of learning shrinks into the small classroom space of the academia where just teaching doesn’t happen, but SHARING of great ideas from the teacher to the student and also sometimes vice-versa happens.

Therefore, a huge amount of positivity is visible around the college campus which instills the students not to just score marks but learn the true values of life and be a warmer lifelong. So, as the principle of such an illustrious institution.