SL No.

Nature of Fee

+2 Class+3 Class+2 Class+3 Class
Time of Admission
Monthly Fee
1(a)Tuition Fees for June & July(Govt. Fee)18.0022.009.0011.00
(b)Tuition Fees Towards Salary of Management Staff (for 2/3 years)12,800.0012,800.00 150.00 150.00
2Development Fee500.00500.00
3Admission Fees / Re-admission Fees9.0010.00
5Electricity Charges for June & July60.0060.00 30.00 30.00
6Athletic Subscription150.00150.00
7Magazine Subscription50.0050.00
8College Calander15.0015.00
9Examination Fees50.0050.00
10Council / University Registration50.00150.00
12Laboratory Development Fees400.00500.00
13Students Aid Form10.006.00
14Charge of Cycle Keeper50.0050.0025.0025.00
15College Union / Cultural Association40.0070.00
16Dramatic Society25.0025.00
17Identity Card50.0050.00
18Medical Examination7.002.00
19Improvement Fees200.00200.00100.00100.00
20Student’s Common Room10.0010.00
21Lesson Plan & Proctorial10.0010.00
22Junior Redcross10.0010.00
23General Maintenance100.00100.00
24Cultural Society3.003.00
25National Integration Samiti5.005.00
26Subsidiary Fees400.00400.00
27Library Development Fees100.00100.00
28Staff Welfare Fund10.0010.00
29Science Society50.0050.00
30Sports & Literary Fee100.0050.00
31Fee for Time Table10.0010.00
32Student Insurance Fee18.0018.00
33Recognition Fees50.0010.00
34Academic Fee45.00
37Incidental Charge25.0025.00
38College Development Council (University)10.00
40Social Service Fees (NSS)10.0010.00
41Study Tour for Hons Students100.00
44Cultural Fees20.00
45Security Charges60.0060.0030.0030.00



Additional development fee of Rs.3000.00/- shall have to be paid by candidates in each year taking IT at one of the optional subject in +2 Science class.
Migration Fee of Rs.20 be collected from the candidates of other board for +2 classes.
Re-Admission Fee for +2 Second Year Science – Rs.4000.00/- each.
Re-Admission Fee for +3 Second Year Science & +3 Third Year Science – Rs.2000.00/- each.
Additional Study / Field Tour fee of Rs.1000/- & Rs.500/- shall be paid by the Candidates opting for Geology Honours & Botany & Zoology Honours respectively at the time of Admission.
Additional Rs. 100 be collected from +3 students from the session 2018-19 at the time of form fill up in each semester.
Beside the above fees the B.D commission Rs.10 be collected from the students both +2 and +3 at the time of form fill up.
General breakage @ Rs. 50 per student to be collected from +2 1st Year and +2 2nd Year and Rs. 60 per student to be collected from +3 1st Year, 2nd Year and 3rd Year.
Additional Rs. 5000 per year to be collected from +3 1st year session 2018-19 onward from students opting for Computer Science (Self- financing) as Honours at the time of admission and re-admission.